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Fiasco of the Economic War

January 24, 2012 // Maariv - Israel - Hebrew

In fact, in every case in the Middle East which involved the use of economic sanctions as an instrument for reaching political goals, without activating other leverages, the harm has immeasurably outweighed the gain.

Real Sweating

January 14, 2012 // Maariv - Israel - Hebrew

What are the Iranians doing when faced with economic duress? Trying to escalate military tensions, threatening action to provoke the Americans and wishing for someone to fire the first shot in the Gulf.

Addicted to Oil

January 11, 2012 // Maariv - Israel - Hebrew

...the absolute oil dependence is that which spearheads and dictates the foreign and security policy of the world’s greatest superpower in the last 100 years.

Scared? So Are We

December 29, 2011 // Maariv - Israel - Hebrew

Until after November, the Americans are stuck with the elections; therefore, it’s hard to believe that they would go war on something or somebody. And after November, it might be, according to the timetable, too late.

Obama’s Charge

December 24, 2011 // Maariv - Israel - Hebrew

...the Shiites are looking right now for an identity for the new Iraq. It seems more and more like they found it — Shia-stan. To them, this is a historical justice...
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