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Barack Obama Faces Urban Crisis in Washington

January 1, 2009 // The Australian - Australia

BARACK Obama moves his family to a luxury hotel in Washington this weekend to begin a life very different from the crime-ridden neighbourhoods and Aids-infested housing projects a stone's throw from the White House.

Put a Sock in Shoe Fetish

December 19, 2008 // The Australian - Australia

The shoe-throwing suggests one Iraqi man is mightily pissed off; the wild reaction to it suggests the world has gone mad. This is a shoe-in for the most bizarre debate of 2008.

The Dangerous Illusion of Independent Terrorists

December 15, 2008 // The Australian - Australia

It may be that modern terrorism is not so much the emergence of non-state actors on to the strategic field but, rather, the latest refinement of state power, giving the option of state military and terrorist action with plausible, or at least politically useful, deniability.

Could the White House be Tainted?

December 11, 2008 // The Age - Australia

The scandal will spiral out of control, throwing up myriad questions, including the big one: how is it that Obama can be so ignorant of the political quagmire from which he hails?
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