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Be Gracious

October 17, 2008 // The Globe and Mail - Canada

It would be sad and petty were U.S. President George W. Bush to snub Paul Krugman by refusing to invite him to customary White House reception for American winners of the Nobel Prize in December, as a spokesperson refused to rule out on Monday.

McCain Echoes Bush's Errors

October 17, 2008 // The Toronto Star - Canada

Like Bush, who cried wolf over Iraq's non-existent "weapons of mass destruction," McCain has a corrosive credibility problem. Having voted time and again in the Senate to support the Bush administration's policies, he is an improbable agent of change.

Bare-knuckled Fight,Different Targets

October 16, 2008 // Le Droit - Canada - French

(Los Angeles)The match between Barack Obama and John McCain went down last night, but the two candidates had different targets in their sights. Barack Obama talked about his views on the issues. John McCain talked about his views on Barack Obama. As soon as the evening started, McCain accused Obama of wanting to [Read more]
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