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The Governor Of Illinois Arrested For Corruption

December 20, 2008 // Cyberpresse - Canada - French

By Richard Hétu Translation by Floriane Ballige “I want to make money,” would have declared Rod Blagojevich, the democrat governor of Illinois, entrusting his principal private secretary with his wish to collect between $ 250,000 and $ 300,000 per year. The politician from Chicago was actually thinking out loud [Read more]

My Kind of Town, Chicago Was

December 19, 2008 // Globe and Mail - Canada

I used to think of my old state's sleazy political culture as a form of entertainment. It doesn't seem so amusing now. It seems to belong to a graver and bleaker period of general ethical breakdown, when too many bad people got ahead.

U.S. Toasts 75th Anniversary Of the End of Prohibition

December 12, 2008 // Le Droit - Canada - French

It was just 75 years ago that the United States ended Prohibition, a period during which alcohol was strictly forbidden in the entire country, but when underground bars flourished and organized crime soared. In 1920, a constitutional amendment initiated by conservatives brandishing arguments of morality and public [Read more]
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