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Anticipating Progress in Six-PartyTalks with U.S. and China

June 27, 2008 // People's Daily - China - English

China hopes that the second-phase actions of the Six-party talks between China, the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK), the United States, Japan, the Republic of Korea (ROK) and Russia will be implemented in a balanced, effective and all-round way so as to usher in the third-phase actions as soon as possibly, [Read more]

California Benefits from Legalizing Gay Marriage

June 18, 2008 // - China - Chinese

June 16th, 2008 has to become a historic day for the State of California. The local Supreme Court ruled gay marriage legal in California last month, and couples of the same sex are able to register for legal marriage by recognition from the California government at 17:01 on June 16th. Before, in the United States, [Read more]

The Obama Phenomenon

June 17, 2008 // The People's Daily - China - English

The color of Senator Barack Obama’s skin is attracting the most attention in this year's ongoing U.S. presidential campaign. The Democratic nominee, with half the blood in his veins African, has been commended as the "star of change,” and now appears especially dazzling and splendid with his victory in the recent [Read more]

Criticism from Former White House Spokesman

June 2, 2008 // Sina - China - Chinese

The memoirs of former White House Spokesman Scott McClellan, which will be published next week, will disclose some inside stories, including the fact that while the United States was attacking Iraq, President George W. Bush "seriously deviated from the right track," "lacked openness and frankness" and “sacrificed the [Read more]

Clinton’s China Advisor Quits

April 26, 2008 // - China - Chinese

For Hillary Clinton, the Pennsylvania primary is a do-or-die battle. But right at this crucial moment, her China adviser quit because of his dissatisfaction with Clinton's anti-China policy. The consultant said that Clinton’s China accusation is downright misleading. It was quoted by Phoenix TV (Hong Kong) on the [Read more]
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