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November 30, 2008 // Dong Fang Daily - China - Chinese

Senior members of the Democratic Party hope that Obama can implement a series of measures to save the U.S. economy even before he moves in the White House next year in order to prevent a long-term recession.

China Accused of Stealing American Intelligence

November 23, 2008 // People - China - Chinese

Nov 21 news Two months before Obama comes to office as the new president, an organization under the Congress named “U.S.-China Economic and Safety Review Commission” published a report of analysis of China. There is nothing new in this report which is filled with “Cold War mentality”, as in previous [Read more]

Obama Intends to "Hold-up" Hillary

November 22, 2008 // Huanqiu - China - Chinese

The U.S. president-elect Barack Obama , who seldom creates sensational news, finally announced to the media that he may recruit his former political rival , the former first lady Hillary as Secretary of State. Although a formal invitation has not been extended, the two sides have been in positive interaction and the [Read more]

What Will Obama Bring Africa?

November 21, 2008 // Xinhuanet - China - Chinese

Obama won the election and African countries and people were all happy for him. Meanwhile, they all count on this Obama – the very first African-American president in U.S. history – to help Africa to achieve peace, stability, and better development. Will Obama’s trade policy and aid to Africa be any different? It [Read more]

Don't Compare GDPs With America

November 21, 2008 // Huanqiu - China - Chinese

�VROOM, VROOM, VROOM, VROOM�� was the biggest impression of my visit to Dallas-Fort Worth three weeks ago. It really is hard to understand why Americans are so intoxicated with the ear-piercing, thundering sound from a 3.5 or even 4-plus high-powered engine. A Chinese friend in America told me he really was not [Read more]

Obama is Not The Messiah

November 19, 2008 // Oriental Morning Post - China - Mandarin

He is nothing more than an American politician created by a more than $2 billion campaign fund, and his platform is nothing more than traditional Democratic party policy.

"You Are Fired": A Popular Saying in the U.S.

November 15, 2008 // People's Daily - China - Chinese

In America, there is nowadays a popular saying, “You are fired”, which reflects the deep change within American society. Since the bursting of the financial bubble in Wall Street, the crisis has extended to the field of the American substantial economy. A haze of unemployment is now hanging over America, and the [Read more]
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