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Trump Recoups

November 14, 2019 // El País - Colombia - Spanish

The most confusing question concerns why Trump decided to withdraw his troops from Syria while preparing for al-Baghdadi’s capture.

Spotlight on Trump

November 12, 2019 // El Tiempo - Colombia - Spanish

Many on the street care more about what happens to their pocketbooks than they do about the morality of the president's behavior.

Trump and Impeachment

October 16, 2019 // El colombiano - Colombia - Spanish

<i>Impeachment could affect other issues on the public agenda. Rough times are coming, with ads and messages that will heat things up and which could cause real damage.</i> The news surprised everybody. In the middle of the United Nations General Assembly, we learned that the Democrats, led by Nancy Pelosi, had [Read more]

The Pointless War

September 2, 2019 // El País - Colombia - Spanish

It is an eye for an eye that threatens to reverse decades of efforts to build the globalization of trade and the exchange of goods and services among all nations of the world.

Insanity and Weapons

August 17, 2019 // El País - Colombia - Spanish

It seems incredible that a country that prides itself on national security ... cannot act against the weapons that are used to kill thousands of Americans.

Trump Campaigning

July 19, 2019 // El País - Colombia - Spanish

He is always the same and says what he thinks in his simplistic, vulgar, and politically incorrect way.
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