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They Never Learn

October 21, 2009 // Pagina 12 - Argentina - Spanish

it seems like those who are spreading optimism today are the same people who, in 2008, said that everything was fine, that nobody had anything to fear and that there was absolutely no danger of a recession.

UNASUR Unanimously Approves U.S. Bases in South America

September 7, 2009 // Argenpress - Argentina - Spanish

Global corporations led by Washington took a step towards world domination. The text about U.S. defense, “The White Book of Aerial Mobility Command and the Global Strategy of Support Bases in the United States (AMC),” demonstrates the military character of the U.S. agreement with Uribe for seven bases. U.S. [Read more]

Bye Bye, South American Defense Advisory?

September 2, 2009 // Pagina 12 - Argentina - Spanish

Everything indicates that the United States will be able to utilize various military bases in Colombia. The agreement, soon to be passed, has presented itself in Bogota as a continuation and complement to the struggle against the trafficking of narcotics and terrorism. In Washington, it is seen as a substitution for [Read more]

Latin America Isn’t a Priority for Washington

August 23, 2009 // Clarin - Argentina - Spanish

“The government of Barack Obama has shown that it takes into account the need to maintain relations with Latin America,” affirmed Professor David Scott Palmer, political science expert at Boston University. But he warns that with the economic crisis and conflicts around the world, Latin America is not a priority [Read more]

America’s New Aggressive Objectives in Colombia

July 30, 2009 // Argenpress - Argentina - Spanish

Barack Obama’s administration is starting to stagger in front of the aggressive activity accomplished by right-wing politicians. In Russia, the new American president strongly stated his opposition to the coup d’état in Honduras carried out by the military forces against its legitimate government. [Read more]
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