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Attacks on Migrants

September 28, 2019 // Correo del Sur - Bolivia - Spanish

[T]he migrants are victims of abuse by criminal organizations, and by police who abuse their power against a sector that is clearly vulnerable.

Arms, Death and Xenophobia

August 13, 2019 // La Razón - Bolivia - Spanish

These killings highlight the nefarious consequences arising from hateful and racist speeches ... by influential people such as the president.

Nuclear Breakup

May 12, 2019 // La Razón - Bolivia - Spanish

[T]he most reckless actors on this chessboard, such as Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, have already started beating the drums of war.

The Sanctions against Iran

August 20, 2018 // La Razon - Bolivia - Spanish

<i>The sanctions against Iran open a new diplomatic and trading conflict between the United States and the European Union.</i> On Monday, the first group of sanctions imposed by the United States against Iran was enforced, after Donald Trump decided to ignore the agreement reached in July 2015 between the Persian [Read more]

A Frightening Decision

July 3, 2018 // La Razon - Bolivia - Spanish

[T]he decision is just the most recent in a context of contempt for multilateralism promoted by President Donald Trump since the beginning of his presidential campaign.

Nuclear Breakup

May 22, 2018 // La Razón - Bolivia - Spanish

[T]his is a new broadside that once again raises questions about the validity of the U.S. as a signatory of international treaties.

World Disorder

January 8, 2018 // La Razón - Bolivia - Spanish

[T]he emergence of a world without institutional space for group dialogue and with governments that act only on the basis of their selfish interests or their leaders’ impulses is not good news.
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