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Landslide with Limited Consequences

November 21, 2014 // Neue Zürcher Zeitung - Switzerland - German

The outcry of the Americans is loud and clear: It cannot go on like this in Washington. However, for the time being, very little will change there. With a burning appeal to overcome the divisions in American society, a previously unknown politician from Chicago made a furor almost exactly a decade ago. The speech [Read more]

When Will Obama Bomb Ukraine?

September 25, 2014 // Argumenti i Fakti - Russia - Russian

No, come on now, this is ridiculous. It’s not even that it’s ridiculous. It’s a complete farce. U.S. President Barack Obama announced today for the whole world to hear that the U.S. Air Force will soon launch strikes against militants from the Islamic State in Syria. I remember sitting in a cafe in Damascus [Read more]
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