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American Elections… Interests, Groups and Mass-Voting

February 11, 2008 // Ahram - Egypt - Arabic

Each time an American elections starts, the Arabic political mind raises the same question: Which is better? –The Democratic Party or the Republican? And which will support more or less the interests of the region?... However, a careful examination suggests that there are no radical differences between the positions [Read more]

Unbound by Promises and Biased toward Israel

January 17, 2008 // AkhbarElyom - Egypt - Arabic

According to the ethical standards that are associated with the position of executive, especially, the head of the one superpower, promises should be credible and honest and actions should be biased toward justice and international legitimacy. If these qualities are the duty of all presidents, they are surely the duty [Read more]

The Empire Self Destructs: America is on the Brink! …

August 24, 2007 // AkhbarElyom - Egypt - Arabic

The dominance of U.S. power is part of its weakness, which is why the American Empire's collapse bears a direct resemblance to the fall of the Roman Empire. With the arrival of new centers of power on the global scene, the countdown to the end of America's global hegemony has begun. Sudden and dramatic changes threaten [Read more]
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