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Human Rights A Dishonest Game

March 12, 2008 // Die Tageszeitung - Germany - German

We get two news items from the US on the same day concerning human rights. The first report: China is no longer on the list of the top ten human rights abusers in the report issued by the US State Department on human rights. Report number two: the Democrats in the House of Representatives failed in their effort to [Read more]

“Superdelegates” Decide Primaries in USA

March 11, 2008 // Nuernberger Nachrichten - Germany - German

Neither Obama nor Hillary is able to obtain a majority – US Democrats face a crucial test WASHINGTON – Wyoming, Mississippi, Pennsylvania. The primary carousel among the U.S. Democrats keeps spinning, and as of now, a clear decision has not yet emerged. After 45 primaries and 28 million votes, the balance of power [Read more]

The German Fascination About Obama

March 6, 2008 // NetZeitung - Germany - German

Election campaign in the United States The German fascination about Obama Germany is eagerly watching the U.S. pre-election campaign. Not one day passes without the “Phenomenon Obama” being discussed in the media. But would an Obama also be possible in Germany? Jens Teschke lets his mind wander. [Read more]

An Obama for Germany

March 4, 2008 // Financial Times - Germany - German

In Berlin, functionaries and boredom rule. Exciting personalities could easily triumph over both. What do Barack Obama and Guido Westerwelle have in common? Both were born in 1961 – and their shows from the past days can both be found in YouTube. Unfortunately the similarities end here. The US-Presidential [Read more]
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