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Hong Kong

Obama's Foreign Policy Focus

July 17, 2008 // Tagungpao - Hong Kong - Chinese

Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama, who is busy with formulating a new blueprint for future U.S. foreign policy, promised on Monday that he will move the focus of the United States from Iraq to Pakistan's tribal regions where Al Qaeda's hiding places are. However, his Republican opponent John McCain scoffed [Read more]

If Obama's Elected: An International United Front

July 11, 2008 // Mingpao - Hong Kong - Chinese

If a global poll were conducted asking respondents whether they would like Obama or McCain to be elected President of the U.S., we believe the results would favor Obama by a landslide. But if we ask the same question in a different way – If Obama is elected, what influence might it have on the international [Read more]

Bush Becomes Captive of Transnational Corporations

June 29, 2008 // Takungpao - Hong Kong - Chinese

The current world oil price has surpassed $140 U.S. per barrel. Of course, one of the most important factors is the excessive depreciation in dollar's value. However, behind the depreciation of the dollar, this phenomenon also reflects a weak U.S. government.
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