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Isolationism vs. Internationalism in the United States

August 6, 2015 // El Diario Exterior - Spain - Spanish

The United States is shrinking. It happens every so often. The country has a longstanding drive toward isolationism that began with George Washington and occasionally reemerges. "Mind your own business" is as North American a phrase for this as possible. Barack Obama is moving in that direction. He came to power [Read more]

Why the US Does Not Respond to Russia’s Challenge

April 8, 2015 // - Ukraine - Russian

The fact that the U.S. is hiding from threats is indicative of a country that is confident neither in its own capabilities nor in its righteousness. Regarding the resolution recently adopted by the U.S. Congress, which urged Obama to quickly render military assistance to Ukraine, two thoughts came to mind. First, [Read more]

US/Cuba: Finally!

December 28, 2014 // La Presse - Canada - French

Finally! It’s the first word that comes to my mind with the historical thaw started yesterday between the United States and Cuba.
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