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America After Our Election

February 21, 2009 // Israel Hayom - Israel - Hebrew

Following our election, when it became clear Benjamin Netanyahu was able to form a center-right coalition, many said "the U.S. will not agree to it,” or "he won't be able to visit anywhere abroad," or "it's not only between Livni and Netanyahu; what Obama says also matters." All of this is nonsense. [Read more]

Radical Trend Can Still Be Reversed

February 19, 2009 // Bitterlemons - Israel - English

A PALESTINIAN VIEW Radical trend can still be reversed by Ghassan Khatib The results of the Israeli elections--a clear victory for the right wing bloc and further marginalization of the left--have proven correct the fears of many analysts that Israeli society is drifting to the right and that this is part of a [Read more]
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