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US-North Korea Meeting in June

May 23, 2018 // Kahoku - Japan - Japanese

The agenda and the meeting place for the U.S.-North Korea summit has been decided, but the course of the U.S.-North Korea conference is not yet known.

The Inward Facing United States

May 13, 2018 // Nikkei - Japan - Japanese

Even if the U.S. abdicates the responsibility it carries out in peace and prosperity, the retreat from liberalization and democratization cannot remain as it is.

The US and Russia Should Converse without Stirring Conflict

May 4, 2018 // Nikkei - Japan - Japanese

The tension between the U.S. and Russia continues to rise. Spurred by the future of the Syrian Civil War, this conflict is quite capable of destabilizing the rest of the international world. Both parties should make more of an effort to control their antagonism toward one another. The U.S., along with the U.K. and [Read more]
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