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Illegal and Immoral

November 1, 2008 // The Jordan Times - Jordan

If the US is going to start reclaiming some of its global leadership, it must start by adhering to the same laws that it wants to impose on others.

Palin an Unwise Choice

October 12, 2008 // The Jordan Times - Jordan

The best Palin could have done when it became obvious that she was a liability to McCainÂ’s campaign would have been to withdraw gracefully from the race.

Last Stop: Will Pakistan Test America?

October 5, 2008 // Al-Dustur - Jordan - Arabic

In 1971, American forces struck Cambodia. Continuous bombing and military exercises had been carried out in the period prior to this assault, on account of Vietcong provocation of America in skirmishes and activities underway on Cambodian soil. After this, as is well known, Cambodia entered into a spiral of violence, [Read more]
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