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Middle East

Obama against the Islamic State

September 23, 2014 // La Jornada - Mexico - Spanish

Washington ignores, or at least tries to ignore, its own direct and indirect responsibilities in the creation of the Islamic State, al-Qaida and other expressions of violent fundamentalism.

A Painful Choice

September 22, 2014 // Le Temps - Switzerland - French

<i>Future American operations present numerous risks.</i> The symbol: A few hours before the 13th-anniversary ceremonies of the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks, Barack Obama has not announced the end of the war against terrorism, as he would have liked to one day. He presented the American people with his strategy for [Read more]

Dick Cheney, the Great Hawk

September 20, 2014 // Juventud Rebelde - Cuba - Spanish

Since the days of the Revolutionary War, both doves and hawks have been harmoniously flying over U.S. skies. Unfortunately, the latter have always been more numerous than the noble doves. Wars have been a constant in the history of this country. There have been so many that they seem similar in number to those suffered [Read more]

Obama Can’t Escape War

September 18, 2014 // El Tiempo - Colombia - Spanish

It is curious that last Wednesday's news that President Obama would hunt down the Islamic State group "wherever they are," including Syria, was made on the eve of the 13th anniversary of 9/11, the date that New York and Washington went down in U.S. history and the weaknesses of the world power, and any democracy for [Read more]

Obama’s Belated Cavalry

September 15, 2014 // Newsweek Polska - Poland - Polish

<i>It has become clear for Republicans: Obama has no strategy, he ignores further outbreaks of violence, and the result is that half the region — from Libya through Lebanon, Israel and Syria to Iraq — is set on fire. And it is hard to defend the president’s politics on the Middle East even for Democrats.</i> [Read more]

Who Says that Obama Has No Strategy?

September 11, 2014 // Akhbar Al Khaleej - Bahrain - Arabic

The statement that President Obama made a few days ago, in which he said that thus far he does not have a specific strategy in Iraq and Syria, provoked a broad debate in America. Many people directed fierce criticism at him, while others rushed to his defense. Those criticizing Obama considered this statement [Read more]
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