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Where Next?

December 27, 2009 // The News - Pakistan

Unfortunately, the Americans are going to play themselves further into the hands of the extremists because it is clear that they are planning to expand the drone strikes...

Complex Sino-U.S. Ties

December 26, 2009 // The Nation - Pakistan

Obama is determined to reset relations with China not out of altruistic purposes but out of constraints of the emerging contours of changing the geo-political environment. The severe financial crisis has paralysed the US's capacity to assert its strategic clout. China has taken the role of the largest foreign lender to the US and this fact has drastically altered the balance of relationship between the two great powers.

We are not Europe

December 21, 2009 // The Nation - Pakistan

On the other hand, no single ethnic community defines what it means to be American. Within generations diverse communities and people of different religious backgrounds from every corner of the globe have become American. And not only do they become American, but America becomes changed as well.
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