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Year One: Damned if he doesn’t

January 21, 2010 // Dawn - Pakistan

Barack Obama may not see eye to eye with Pat Buchanan, but in many respects he also does not share the vision of Dr King — whose fate may well have been sealed once he decided it was immoral to keep silent on Vietnam and began deriding his nation, quite accurately, as the biggest purveyor of violence in the world. More than 40 years later, that fact remains unchanged.

Naked U.S. Doublespeak

January 19, 2010 // The Nation - Pakistan

If today Pakistanis are being asked to cough up more and more for utilities and tolerate the lawlessness perpetrated by the US on its territory, it is because of the choices that our government made and it should be taken to task for it.

A Dangerous Connectivity

January 19, 2010 // The Nation - Pakistan

So the more one comes to know of developments relating to this region and the questionable role of the extra-regional players especially with India, the more one can see a dangerous connectivity amongst them all and the threat that all this poses for Pakistan.

Low Blow for the CIA

January 14, 2010 // Dawn - Pakistan

Chances are the CIA will henceforth be a little more wary about Jordanian tips and informants, but what it really needs to worry about is the relative ease with which an individual clad in low-tech weaponry was able to strike such a devastating blow against an agency with the latest technology at its command.

U.S. Adventurism

January 14, 2010 // The Nation - Pakistan

But it would appear the lives of the locals in Pakistan, Iraq, and Afghanistan don’t matter to the US. Published statistics reveal only too clearly the large number of Muslim lives that have been taken by the US military post-9/11.
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