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The Drawbacks of Intervention in Libya

March 20, 2011 // Al-Jazeera - Qatar

We strongly advocate creative strategies of solidarity with the Libyan people while underscoring that calls for coercive external intervention do not qualify. Indeed, it is possible that demands for Western support to the rebels may already have done more harm than good.

West Overzealous on Libya

March 20, 2011 // Al-Jazeera - Qatar

However, the overzealousness of certain Western powers like Britain, France and, as of late, the US, to interpret the resolution as an open-ended use of force, is worrisome. With their long history of interference and hegemony in the region, their political and strategic motivation remains dubious at best.

Protesters Dig in at Bahraini Financial Hub

March 9, 2011 // Al-Jazeera - Qatar

A small group of demonstrators travelled to the US embassy in southern Manama this morning, where they waved signs asking the US to "stop supporting dictators." A spokesman for the US embassy said his government was "listening to all sides."
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