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Protecting Syria from U.S. and Israel May Now Be Impossible

July 15, 2006 // Al-Sharq Al-Awsat - Saudi Arabia - Arabic

All of the region's concerned parties want to keep Damascus out of efforts to put pressure on Israel and Hezbullah. For a number of different reasons, the governments involved don't want the open battlefield to extend beyond the Lebanese border. Even when President Bush said a few days ago that Syria must pay a price, [Read more]

'Short-Sighted, Ill-Informed' Bush Fiddles as Lebanon Burns

July 14, 2006 // Arab News - Saudi Arabia - English

Despite growing international calls for restraint from the Europeans and Russians, Israeli military aggression was last night threatening to unleash even more chaos and bloodshed and ratchet up the tension in the region to a dangerous degree. In harrowing scenes reminiscent of the 1982 build-up when it invaded Lebanon [Read more]

Somalia the Latest in String of Failed American Adventures

June 26, 2006 // Arab View - Saudi Arabia - English

Any casual observer of global developments understands that the United States seeks to take full control of the world in the guise of promoting democracy and peace or fighting terrorists. Such an observer will also note that the U.S. has not only failed over the past several decades to resolve international disputes, [Read more]

Why Superman Lives in America

April 23, 2006 // Al-Yaum - Saudi Arabia - Arabic

The first foreign culture that I encountered, outside of classes on the Holy Koran, was through comic books. Even today, I continue to frequent movies inspired by comic books. These movies return me to my childhood. With their innocence, children are capable of experiencing the power of fiction. In this way children [Read more]

A Fourth Gulf War Would Burn Everyone

March 25, 2006 // Al-Jizirah - Saudi Arabia - Arabic

It seems that the United States is not content to occupy Iraq and Afghanistan, but that it also wants to meddle in the Sudan. American intentions toward Sudan have been clear since the crisis began in Western Sudan's Darfur Province. At the start of the crisis, Washington made many statements wherein it described the [Read more]

'A Fourth Gulf War Would Burn Everyone'

March 24, 2006 // Al-Jazirah - Saudi Arabia - Arabic

It's not only the Persian Gulf States that be severely damaged in the event of a fourth War in the region. Today, as America and Israel accuse Iran's military of pursuing a program to manufacture nuclear weapons, the threat of such a war is increasing. Beyond the Persian Gulf states, if America or Israel carries out [Read more]

How America's Conflict With Iran Will Begin …

January 24, 2006 // Al-Riyadh - Saudi Arabia - Arabic

Is there a U.S. strategy for the ring of fire of Iraq, Iran, the Gulf and beyond? This question is being debated at America's highest levels, but the facts of these debates differ from those in [Arabic] media broadcasts. Even inside Congress itself - with its Democratic majority - the interests of the people are not [Read more]

Americans in No Position to Preach to Arab Journalists

December 25, 2005 // Arab View - Saudi Arabia - English

"So, where is your media outrage? Instead, you show Western hostage beheadings, allow Muslim fanatics to preach on TV and radio, and publish hate speeches against Christians and Jews. Where is the shame? Where are your principles? You should be campaigning for peace, tolerance and human rights and against intolerance, [Read more]
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