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Resurgence of Russian Power: Limited U.S. Bargaining Chips

August 19, 2008 // United Daily News - Taiwan - Chinese

As a symbolic polar bear, the resurgence of Russia power is seemingly taking shape. Although foreseeing the potential outbreak of conflict, or even a war, between Russia and Georgia, the U.S. did not expect such a radical response from Russia. This has led to a situation in which Washington not only has few options [Read more]

New York "Seals the Street" for a Car-free Summer Day

August 11, 2008 // China Times - Taiwan - Chinese

When New York’s “Summer Streets” program made its debut on August 9th, cyclists, roller skaters, joggers and people pushing baby trolleys went out into the car-free Manhattan streets at a leisurely mood. While approximately 1.5 million people swarmed into the street in support of the program, a small number of [Read more]

U.S. Applies Double Standards to Disputed Islands

July 31, 2008 // United Daily News - Taiwan - Chinese

The dispute over the Chinese translation for "Chinese Taipei" - whether it should be translated into “Zhonghua Taipei" (中華台北) or “Zhongguo Taipei" (中國台北), has caused frictions between Taipei and Beijing authorities.* South Korea and Japan are upset with each other's claims of ownership and names [Read more]

Clinton’s Advantages over Obama

March 24, 2008 // Ming Pao - Taiwan - Chinese

On Jan 8th, Hilary Clinton won New Hampshire with the help of her infrequent tears; Then on Feb 5th, Super Tuesday, she again captured populous California and New York although Obama won most states; The 3rd "Marvelous Victory" came on March 4th for this "Comeback Gal". She unbelievably won Ohio and Texas primaries [Read more]
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