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The Next Cuban Missile Crisis?

September 10, 2008 // Venezuala Analysis - Venezuela

The Venezuelan leader is known for his rhetorical ripostes and once again he did not disappoint. "Go ahead and squeal, Yankees," he said, taunting the Bush White House.

Chavez Needs U.S. and Castro

June 23, 2008 // Analitica - Venezuela - spanish

Sovereignty does not reside in spewed words at public rallies or irate declarations in front of television cameras. Sovereignty is based upon the strength of a nation's institutions, economy, and a society that permits it to autonomously determine its own course and confront the intentions of external interference by [Read more]

Obama: Next President of the U.S.?

June 11, 2008 // Analitica - Venezuela - Spanish

During a televised interview earlier this year I began to question myself as to whether or not the U.S. is mature enough for a black or female president. The very question advertised to us the skepticism of the matter as far as the U.S. is concerned: nonetheless, we answered that despite this country's strong [Read more]

Nobody Will Remain to Protest

March 31, 2008 // Analitica - Venezuela - Spanish

They have announced it, but because Bush has vetoed the law that was passed in the U.S. Congress, prohibiting the “simulated” asphyxiation (throwing water on the head of the detainee in order to cause a sensation of drowning) and other “tough interrogations” performed on suspects of terrorism, it is terrible [Read more]

George Bush, “The President of Torture”

March 31, 2008 // Tal Cual Digital - Venezuela - Spanish

Neither Adolph Hitler nor Joseph Stalin made mention of such a practice. Augusto Pinochet as well as General Jorge Rafael Videla were denied formulating reasons about the patriotic necessity of producing confessions from subjects by means of “illegal methods”. But finally, the governor of a great democracy had [Read more]
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