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Ecuador Expels a Second U.S. Diplomat

February 24, 2009 // El Universal - Venezuela - Spanish

In less than fifteen days, President Correa made the decision based on the respect of sovereignty. In Quito, Ecuador expelled the first secretary of the U.S. Embassy, Marc Sullivan, and gave him 48 hours to abandon the country after accusing him of meddling in internal matters, announced Chancellor Fander Falconí. [Read more]

Kirchner Wishes Obama Luck

February 4, 2009 // Cadena Global - Venezuela - Spanish

Today, former Argentine President Nestor Kirchner wished the new Commander in Chief of the United States, President Barack Obama, luck and said he has hopes that "his ideas can be fulfilled" for the recovery of the country. The former president commented, “I hope that he is lucky, that his goals are fulfilled, and [Read more]

Dreams from my Father

January 25, 2009 // El Univesal - Venezuela - Spanish

When reading “Dreams from my Father,” written by Barack Obama at age 33, it is easy to understand the reason why he is now the most powerful person on earth. In that book, the current U.S. president reaches into his inner self and brings to light the existential dilemmas that he confronted and how he went about [Read more]

Obama: Between Biology and Destiny

January 23, 2009 // Analitica - Venezuela - Spanish

Obama is no longer black or white. He is the president of the most powerful and fragile nation on the planet and represents a hope to his own, and to those of the rest of the countries on earth, which is all of us

Obama Now Assumes The Presidency

January 20, 2009 // Últimas Noticias - Venezuela - Spanish

Washington: Faced with a multitude estimated to be in the two millions, people in downtown Washington, amid the biggest security measures ever seen in an opening ceremony and with the world’s hope of change in the U.S. administration, Barack Obama now assumes the presidency of the United States. An unprecedented [Read more]

Many People’s Refuge Becomes a Nightmare

January 18, 2009 // El Universal - Venezuela - Spanish

I am not in the United States, but I am still stressed. According to a study released by the Pew Hispanic Center, almost one in ten Hispanics in the country is behind in his/her mortgage payments and about 3% say they had received a foreclosure letter. The study found that Hispanics are extremely worried about their [Read more]

Chavez Got a Head Start on Obama

January 5, 2009 // Venezuela Analysis - Venezuela

Nowadays we aren’t remotely surprised when we see the developed countries, the so-called first world, taking measures that Venezuela began to take a while ago: subsidies, nationalizations, and greater control over the economy.

La “Amiga” Russia

December 13, 2008 // El Universal - Venezuela - Spanish

They [The Russians] know how much they need the U.S. as well as the Western world, even more now that they find themselves in full domestic recession.
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