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The First Steps toward Gun Control

March 10, 2018 // El País - Spain - Spanish

<i>The U.S. is starting to take concrete measures to avoid more murders</i> The death of students and teachers at a school in Parkland, Florida may be the straw that breaks the camel's back regarding the leniency of American gun legislation in the acquisition and sale of firearms. Two major companies, both of [Read more]

American Icons Are Feeling the Blues

November 5, 2015 // Les Échos - France - French

<i>They defined consumer taste in the 20th century. They contributed to American soft power for decades. But today, these iconic brands no longer attract young Americans. Do they know how to bounce back?</i> Last summer Americans were dumbfounded when they found out that the most "American-made" car of 2015 was a [Read more]

Wage Increases: Wal-Mart Gets the Ball Rolling

March 5, 2015 // Le Soleil - Canada - French

While austerity measures are being applied all over the West, in the United States, Wal-Mart is breaking ranks by offering 500,000 of its employees a wage increase. Over 40 percent of the American giant's employees will see their minimum hourly wages increase to $9 in April, and they will increase to $10 on Feb. 1, [Read more]

Armed To Go to Wal-Mart

December 31, 2014 // La Presse - Canada - French

I went to bed last night with this question: Why would a mother, accompanied by her children and other members of her family, ever feel the need to put a loaded gun in her handbag to go shopping in a Wal-Mart in an Idaho region best known for its potatoes? This morning, I read this more or less satisfying response, [Read more]