For Iraq, America Can Be a Positive Force

The Iraqi people are on the borderline between hopes and the facts they confront every day. Many powerful parties in Iraq support Sunday’s election, while some conservative parties do not. Many demands have been made to postpone the polls another six months or more, until peace is more widespread.

For those afraid of losing their lives at the gates of polling places, security is the goal, with suicidal explosions by terrorist groups expected. Few welcome the present situation.

The differences in views concerning the Iraqi elections are deeper and more dangerous than it may appear, and these differences send a gloomy message to the world. For Iraq, the future of a political system it desperately needs is at risk. The gaps between political parties are large and significant. Some of these differences are religious, and others political. There is a great need for wisdom and dialogue in order to move to a safe outcome.

The Kuwaiti Government has long expressed its support for these elections. Peace and the unity of Iraq will greatly and directly affect our lives.

Iraq has suffered tremendously from all types of misery. For many years poverty, hunger and violations of human rights have been ordinary in the bloody daily life of Iraq. Some believe that the reason for all the chaos has been the absence of institutions the rule of law.

The conservative parties blame the chaos on the continued American troop presence in the country. But the withdrawal of the American troops would encourage a civil war. This option is not desired by anyone.

It is really quite strange that some Iraqis think that those in favor of the polls are supporting U.S. policy in the region. If American policy helps bring Iraq a better future, why not embrace it? Take what you need and leave what you don’t need.

No one can deny the fact that America is the strongest power on earth. Some groups have been damaged by American policy in Iraq, and hate the elections because they cannot be sure the results will be in their interest. These parties are few, however, and will disappear with proper law enforcement. Many African states have been dealing with conditions similar to those in Iraq. Africa is in the midst of numerous civil wars.

An urgent call must be made by everyone to help Iraq recover. Iraq has all the ways and means to be a strong, healthy member of the international family.

Gulf Cooperation Council countries should also play a bigger and more effective role toward the new Iraq with money and political influence. We must understand that we share the globe, along with all its misery.

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