Syria Asks: What is Washington Cooking Up Now?

The active and continuous campaign being launched by Washington and its allies against Syria over implementation of U.N. Resolution 1559 is a blatantly unfair policy that runs counter to the norms of international law and its conventions. The campaign is clearly biased toward Israel, and is designed to tighten the noose of blockade around the Arab nationalist movement. That movement resists the expansionist aggressors, who have never abided by any of the fairly arrived at resolutions of the international community, particularly [U.N. Resolutions] 242 and 338, and the land for peace principle.

This vicious campaign was not motivated by the assassination of former Lebanese Prime Minister [Hariri], which we condemn, but was plotted long ago, in line with the US-Israeli strategy to control the entire region. Hence, the recent tragic event in Lebanon was just a pretext by hostile US-led forces to escalate their crusade against the Arab national movement, first and foremost, Syria.

This is a fact that neither Washington nor its allies can deny, as they have never stood up against Israeli occupation of Arab lands, or hindered Sharon`s war of state terror and genocide against the defenseless people of Palestine. Nor have they even verbally condemned flagrant Israeli violations of human rights and its non-commitment to U.N. resolutions.

Current US-led Western claims of interest in the security and stability of Lebanon are just a cover to conceal their expansionist objectives. These claims are pure fabrication. There are many things that refute their allegations. In 1967, Israel launched the so-called 6-day war against the Arab countries, and occupied extensive territories including Sinai, the Golan [Heights], South Lebanon, the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. The U.S. and the West did nothing to help Arabs regain their lands; in 1978 and 1979, Israel invaded Lebanon, killing many civilians and destroying many villages and towns, under the pretext of security; in 1982, General Ariel Sharon led a large-scale invasion against Lebanon in which he perpetrated war crimes against thousands of Lebanese and Palestinian refugees (the Sabra and Shatila massacres). Israeli state terror has continued against Lebanon and the Palestinian people. Sharon’s horrible crimes against the defenseless Palestinian people in the West Bank and Gaza (Khan Yunes and Jenin) are too numerous to mention in this article.

The question is: What has Washington done to stop the Israeli war criminals?

Furthermore, the U.S. has invaded Iraq, killed people under the pretext of disarming this Arab country, and installing their own brand of democracy.

What sort of democracy is this? One that has brought death and destruction!

And therefore, we must ask the obvious question: What are they cooking up now?

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