Both Insurgents and U.S. Forces Inflict Misery On Iraqis

In Iraq, car bombs are the terrorists’ most dangerous weapon, and they complement the crimes of U.S. troops, who humiliate Iraqis and violate their rights at home, on the street, at schools and in the university.

The shattered corpses of innocent Iraqis that dot the streets of Baghdad and other cities are not the collateral damage of terrorist bombs directed against occupation troops and their collaborators. The terrorist scheme being implemented on our land is directed primarily against Iraqis.

Their bombs are aimed to weaken society, cause mayhem and sow the seeds of division and civil war. Their bombs are part of a calculated campaign to turn the country into a lawless arena ruled by the gun rather than the law.

We don’t know where these bombs come from, or how the terrorists finance and maintain the momentum of their operations. But while we are in the dark over the source of the bullets, one thing is crystal clear: The identity of the victims.

For nearly two years, our land has been fertile ground for car bombs that have been exploding in ever-larger numbers and intensity.

Of course we are not to blame for the current state of affairs. The blunders and misconduct of the occupation forces bear primary responsibility for our tragedy. The troops still think they can crush anyone with their military might and have move against anyone who disagrees with their plans, for nearly three months plunging the country in a political vacuum.

And while the terrorists were busy with their hellish schemes, our politicians were bickering over power sharing. But when the bombs come, they fall only on innocent heads.

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