World Controlled By ‘Zionized American Right-Wing Fanatics’

<p>Edited by Louis Standish</p>

The name of the Islamic group responsible for the latest bombings in London is of no consequence, as long as there is an Islamist group to be blamed. Since the September 11th attacks, a new U.S.-era has begun. An era based on tyranny and arrogance over the world and its peoples. An era bent on the destruction of all morals and principles; values that the Americans have long proclaimed to hold.

The concept of a “War on Terrorism,” presented to the world by President George Bush, now conceals another aspiration quite different from fighting so-called terrorism — this while the United States has become the primary purveyor of such terrorism.

Some might wonder: Why did the U.S. point its finger toward the Islamic world and accuse it of being a cradle for the terrorist phenomenon?! What prompted the U.S. to have such a crazy idea? Let us not dwell on conspiracy theories. It is fair to say that the United States has chosen the Islamic world as its enemy, under the pretext of fighting terrorism, because it needed a cover for the true nature of U.S. goals and interests in the world today.

We live in a world that is controlled by a small group of “Zionized” American right-wing fanatics. This group is totally influenced by mythical Judaic concepts, which prompted it to declare war on Islam under new banners, such as terrorism. It is equally funny and tragic that the United States, aided by Great Britain and other allies, is the one who is practicing terrorism in all its forms in Iraq. This under a slew of slogans and lies such as, “spreading the humanitarian civilization,” “the need for democracy” or “the importance of reform.”

We are the first to declare that we stand against attacks such as those in London. We realize that these attacks deform the image of true Islam, and that the tunnels of the London Metro are not a proper battleground for “Jihad” [holy war]. But our question is: Why did the whole world rise up against these attacks, and yet remains silent to American and British terrorism in Iraq?

There is a rush to accuse Arabs and Muslims of terrorism. This is due to the spiteful ideological Zionist hatred of Muslims, which is rooted in the Western political subconscious.

This idea of a “War on Terrorism” hatched by White House neo-conservatives, has taken numerous forms and dimensions. It starts with the premise that terrorism is a danger to the whole world, one that doesn’t discriminate between American and European targets. In this way, it transcends the traditional conception of “terrorism” held in most countries, and makes them more susceptible to manipulation. This has provided Washington with new leverage to apply to other nations — including European ones — as it wishes.

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