Muslims Admire the Greatness of America

Regardless of the problems that Arabs and Muslims have with the United States today, the truth remains that the Americans are a friendly, honest, hardworking, skillful and ambitious people. They are a people who don’t carry hate or ill will for anyone; and a people who richly deserve the greatness that they have attained through countless efforts and sacrifices throughout their history.

Some of us might feel that the U.S. leadership is acting against the wishes, values, and morals of the American people. This is what befell other empires throughout history after they grew boastful and became dominated and ruled by special interests. But thanks to American democracy, we know that behind this leadership is a great people who will undoubtedly straighten America’s course as they have many times before. The American people will make this change peacefully and without any violence, which is more than we can say for any of the nations in our Arab and Muslim world!

Despite what gets bandied about in the media, we as Arabs and Muslims do not hate the U.S. In fact, we are all amazed by its greatness, and we all yearn for the democracy, freedom, and advancement that every American individual enjoys.

Is the American Declaration of Independence not one of the most wonderful documents ever written, where people were proclaimed to be equal, and where everyone had the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness? American greatness is clearly demonstrated by education, knowledge, technology, freedom, democracy, and human rights. Of course, even this level of greatness has its shortcomings, and sometimes these traits are exploited by some of us who interpret the great American values of justice and compassion as they see fit.

The United States, at the present time in its history, has shown a great deal of kindness and mercy, in addition to brilliance and progress. In their hearts Arabs and Muslims realize this, and they know that the handful of political, financial and media groups that are running things in the U.S. today are nothing but a brief outbreak, something that the great American people will quickly recognize and relegate to oblivion.

The power that the American people have to instigate peaceful change is what makes the U.S. so remarkable. And change will come, since the Arab Muslim mother does not mourn the loss of her children any more than the American mother mourns the loss of hers; young men and women who die today in the streets of Baghdad, whose only offense is that they obey the commands of their leaders.

The United States is great domestically because it has the ability to affect internal change in a peaceful and amicable way. Healthy, successful societies are those that can advance themselves under their own volition, and in a calm, balanced, and normal manner. This is achieved without violence or hatred, but through dialogue, rational thought, a spirit of goodwill, and everyone’s participation in their own government. Are we in the Arab world capable of this — before it’s too late?

America is great, not because it controls the world and our oil, but because it is great internally. It is a country of law, a land of honest opportunity where positive support is given to everyone; a place of freedom, justice, and true equality; and a nation with an amazing separation of church and state. Greatness begins with being honest with oneself, and not by making up myths and legends about all aspects of one’s life!

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