Bush and Blair Do Not Fight Islam; They Fight Criminals

HOW can these people, who have long beards and wear short clothes, claim they are spotless? Who are they to say those fighting against them are fighting Almighty Allah and his Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him)? How can they misuse religion for their personal benefit and form a dangerous mafia to commit various crimes? It is sad that leaders of some religious groups believe they are sacred and represent Allah on earth. They have given themselves the right to accuse others, even God-fearing Muslims, of being infidels. These people are not the true representatives of Islam. More importantly they are not without sin because they impudently violate the teachings and edicts of Allah and Islam. They are criminals, who represent no one except themselves.

We have been forced to raise this issue as a reaction to statements issued by these extremists accusing President George Bush and British Prime Minister Tony Blair of launching a crusade against Muslims. These people accuse Blair of openly declaring his animosity toward Muslims because he has taken precautions on British soil against those who preach hatred and terrorism. These extremists are angry with the British leader for trying to protect his country from ungrateful groups that don’t appreciate the hospitality shown them by Britain, the United States and other European countries.

Blair is against those who exploit humanitarian laws to kill innocent people traveling in subways and buses. Who said President Bush and Prime Minister Blair are fighting Islam?

The extremist criminals consider any measure taken against them a fight against Islam, as if they are the true representatives of our religion. They have the temerity to interpret any action against them as a war against the religion of Allah. Bush and Blair are not fighting Islam; they are fighting criminals who misuse Islam. Islam doesn’t permit the killing of others and imposes tough restrictions to regulate wars. According to Islam, even crops can’t be burnt nor wells destroyed during war. It forbids the killing of POWs and the harming of mothers or children. During war, Islam also teaches us to respect the elderly.

These criminal groups, which claim to be Islamic, won’t hesitate to blow up a whole building, killing thousands of innocent people, even if their intended target is a single person. These criminals, who were offered political asylum by the United States, Britain and other European countries, have tarnished the reputation of Islam. They have declared a war against their political opponents, whether Christian, Jew or Muslim, forgetting the fact that people of other religions also believe in and pray to Allah.

Let Bakri run to any corner of the world or let him be arrested. Let Abu Qatada and Abu Hamza leave Britain. Let such people disappear from the face of the earth, because it is the British authorities and not them that are defending Islam. The British government is targeting criminals and outlaws who don’t represent Islam but are harming the reputation of our religion and all true Muslims.

[Editor’s Note: Omar Bakri Mohammed (See Video Below) is a British cleric that has recently been barred from returning to Britain; Abu Qatada is also known as al-Qaeda’s representative in Europe; Abu Hamza is thought to be one of the most extremist Muslim Clerics in Britain.]

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