Iran's 'Deluded,' Dangerous Challenge to the Americans

BY exaggerating its capabilities and thinking that it can do more than it is able, Iran is hallucinating. Tehran believes it is God’s regime and that it acts under orders of the Almighty. Iran’s imagination is running wild to the point that it now believes in the myth that it invented about itself.

The Gulf countries have come to the conclusion that Iran is out of control and not only endangers itself but its neighbors as well. Infected with these dangerous delusions, Iran has come to think of itself as capable of taking on the mighty United States. Iranian leaders believe they can control the entire region and force their policies to be observed.

This explains Iranian behavior in Iraq, Lebanon, Palestine and Syria. It also explains Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s current visit to Latin America, a region that is well-known for its anti-U.S. policies.

If Iran wants to nominate itself as leader of this region, then we must interrupt its dreaming and remind it that the Gulf countries are united. Iran’s ambition to expand its power have brought it under the scrutiny of the United States, which is closely monitoring Tehran’s activities in Iraq, Lebanon and Palestine, where Iran is creating chaos and instability.

In this tense atmosphere, Ahmadinejad has further angered Americans by visiting countries located in their backyard [South America]. The Iranian President has donated $2 billion to a fund of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, to support countries that are against Washington.

Iran is declaring war on the United States and is trying to drag the Gulf countries along, with no thought for the tragic consequences of their dangerous game. The Tehran leadership continues to defy the international community, ignore demands to abandon its nuclear program and insist upon taunting the superpowers.

As part of its policy of preemptive attack, the United States invaded Iraq because it was thought to possess nuclear warheads. We wonder what Iran is trying to accomplish by angering and challenging the United States. In our opinion, a U.S. strike on Iran – to correct that country’s misguided policies and prevent it from continuing as the the Middle East’s black sheep – is imminent.

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