Washington gets Blame for 'Radicalizing' Palestinians

The Palestinian people have made their decision. All indications are that Hamas now holds a majority in the National Council, the Palestinian Parliament, and that it is up to that group to form a new government.

Such is the price to pay for democracy, given that in the current international situation, any political organization that identifies itself with Islam benefits from the favorable opinion of the Muslim masses, who lacking a societal plan for mobilization. If Fatah suffers a crushing defeat, the group can attribute the results to its the management of local and national affairs, as well as to its inability to break with two-sided, ambiguous maneuvering of Palestine’s struggle to achieve a solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

It should be noted that the Western world, with the United States at its head, is very much responsible for the radicalization of Palestinian public opinion, which was pushed into losing confidence in the interminable negotiations, and which never lead to a definitive solution.

To a certain extent, Israeli extremism has given birth to its Palestinian counterpart. and there is now a standoff whose end is difficult to imagine.

In any case, the ball is now in Hamas’ court. It must assume responsibility for managing Palestinian affairs. To this end, it is not slogans that will be useful, but concrete measures to alleviate the suffering of the Palestinian people, open the road to independence and achieve the realization of their national right to establishment a Palestinian State, with its capital Al Quds [Jerusalem].

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