Bush 'Dogged by Hatred Wherever He Goes'

While on a visit to India and Pakistan Bush was greeted by a wave of demonstrations, protests and bombings, a clear sign of the hatred felt by peoples for the American President as a politician and also, perhaps, as a person. Yet, he was behaving as if no such thing were happening all around him, although without tight police and army protection provided by the host countries, he would not have left the presidential plane for either country.

We believe such reaction will be repeated wherever Bush goes. But why isn’t he moved by such enormous and unquestionable hatred? Perhaps he doesn’t give a fig about peoples, backed as he is by governments, which are mostly dictatorships characterized by an utter disregard for the opinions of their respective peoples. Or maybe he is moved only by things real to him.

If Bush relies on dictatorial governments choosing to ignore peoples, he must be unaware of the hidden power of the masses. If they so choose, they can turn the tables on him, and he will be the loser. If he fails to be moved by the things happening all around him, he shouldn’t be in the White House, but in the lunatic house.

As to these governments which defy their peoples, holing up behind their armies, police and security apparatuses, they will no doubt one day be relegated to the dustbin of history and endure the curse of their victims till Doomsday.

Let Bush ignore the sufferings and expectations of the peoples of the earth, and let these governments, which do not represent their peoples even when described as democratic, ignore such sufferings and expectations. Tomorrow everyone will know that the peoples are always stronger and more enduring than believed by their rulers, though sometimes they may appear weak and powerless. Latin America is a case in point. The Peoples there have turned the table and brought to power anti-American governments in the very backyard of America. There is more yet to come.

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