Natalee Holloway Thought Buried in Dunes of Aruba

Oranjestad, Aruba: Joran van der Sloot took an intoxicated Natalee Holloway home and had sex with her.

Subsequently she expired from alcohol and drugs; he panicked and buried her somewhere in the dunes. Because of this theory, Dutch experts using satellite imagery are searching the dunes area of Aruba for the remains of 18-year-old Natalee.

So says a prominent Aruba police official who is closely involved with the investigation into the missing American girl. Acting on this theory, he says, the plan is also for the Dutchmen to conduct a painstaking search of the 18-year old Van der Sloot’s rooms in his parent’s home.

Since Wednesday, the Dutch investigators have been surveying the dunes area. The starting point for the search efforts are satellite mages made immediately before and after May 30, 2005. The areas with the most color differences qualify for closer inspection.

“This could become the first crime that is solved by means of satellite imagery,” the police official says enthusiastically.

“Joran [the suspect] is disturbed,” says the police official, whose identity is known to this newspaper. “He is not good with details.”

According to him, investigators are assuming that Van der Sloot is lying about taking Holloway to Lover’s Lane, the beach next to the Mariott Hotel, and subsequently left her there. “He took Natalee home and had sex with her there,” the policeman asserts.

However, he is not alleging that Van der Sloot is a murderer. “We know from several sources that Natalie had used drugs. She had also consumed a lot of alcohol. The combination of alcohol and drugs could have been fatal.”

This would not have left many traces, according to the police official. “When you’re being strangled and you suffocate, you let go of everything; your pee, your poop. But that doesn’t happen when you ‘slip away.’ It was a clean death.” According to him, this explains why no traces have been found during earlier searches of Joran’s apartment.

Because Joran’s DNA was on the girl’s body, according to the theory, he flew into a panic. He called his friend Deepak Kalpu. Supposedly it was Deepak’s brother Satish, who used Deepak’s car to pick up Joran and get rid of the body. The police official: “They went to the dunes area and buried her there.” An anonymous witness, a taxi driver GSM-data [cell phone information] allegedly support this theory.

The policeman don’t rule out the possibility that there was a re-burial, overseen by Paul van der Sloot, Joran’s father, who as a one-time judge-in-training would know exactly how to get rid of a body.

[Editor’s Note: like most continental European judges, Dutch judges can serve as criminal investigators as well].

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