If Iran Threatens Gulf States, America Will Act, and it Won't Be Alone

IRAN has been playing a childish political game to defend its nuclear program. Its actions on this issue have been at best mischievous and lacking political wisdom. After loudly reject calls for surprise inspections of its nuclear reactors and insisting on uranium enrichment until the issue was referred to the U.N. Security Council, Tehran has suddenly changed its mind. To have the case withdrawn from the Security Council and to avoid painful sanctions, it has now agreed to allow “intrusive inspections” of its nuclear facilities.

No one, including the Iranian regime, can treat the world as a toy. Neither will they get away with using the United States as a bargaining chip to boost their flagging popularity and distract attention from Iran’s domestic problems.

The United States, which is an integral part of the new world order, is keen to ensure the economic security of other nations, at a time when oil is at the heart of the global engine of development. Americans have the right to safeguard the oil producing countries and all the channels of transportation for at least another 50 years. Oil is critical to global industry, and no one can be permitted to play with such a strategic product. We cannot allow oil to be used for dangerous political stunts. Although the United States doesn’t interfere in the price of oil, which fluctuates on the international market, it won’t hesitate to act for even a second, if its source of energy is under threat.

So when Iranian leaders threaten to close vital channels for the transport of oil [the Strait of Hormuz],claiming that this is a way to protect themselves from military action, we can only say they are living in a dream world that exists only in their minds. The Gulf region is home to one third of the world’s oil supply, the life blood of development. Because the entire free world has the legitimate commercial right to import oil, the United States won’t be alone if the region’s oil resources are threatened. Every Western country, the Arab and Islamic worlds, businessmen and factory owners will stand as one and support the U.S. against Iran.

In spite of its earlier mischievous stunts, Iran has made the right decision by lowering its voice, offering to negotiate, and allowing intrusive inspections of its nuclear program.

But Tehran must understand that the days of occupation are gone forever. If Tehran is really ready to share the interests of the international community, it must approach the world with a new vision and more realistic policies, and end its threats to launch attacks against its neighbors, a tactic that has raised oil prices to record levels.

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