Under the Full Glare of the Iraqi Sun, America Breaks the Law

<p>Edited by Louis Standish</p>

The reality of the current situation [in Iraq] shows that the ideological underpinnings of America’s war creed are based on the control and exploitation of capital, and ofcreating political regimes that respond to the directives of globalization.

Therefore, the United States, by every means possible, including military intervention, seeks to reshape the so-called international community in a manner that meets its own views.

Since many see the United States as a defender of global humanitarian standards, they are perplexed about seeing America violate them. The reality is that the Iraq War, as never before, has exposed America’s double standards, its violation of human rights and its flouting of international law, which it has waged in cahoots with Britain.

The aggression that these two countries committed against Iraq, which began on April 20th, 2003 and continues, is immoral, a crime against peace and a clear violation of international treaties on proper conduct during wartime. During the occupation, now in its fourth year, Washington has broken every article of every international convention ever laid down to regulate the behavior of an occupation army.

Massive violations of international humanitarian standards fall within the purview of war crimes, and Iraq abounds in examples of such violations.

The U.S. has abused and tortured Iraqi prisoners, killed peaceful, unarmed demonstrators, arbitrarily arrested Iraqis, detained them indefinitely without conviction and destroyed houses and towns.

Since there is no legal framework to hold them accountable for their crimes in our country, American and British occupation troops do whatever they please with impunity. This situation has put the occupiers above the law. No matter what they do, they cannot be held to account and are outside Iraqi jurisdiction.

They pay no heed whatsoever to international law, which they flout or distort to meet their own needs and interests. As a result, we now have a failed country in which murder, bombing, raids and sectarian killings occur on a daily basis and under the full glare of the sun.

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