'Jews, Hollywood and War Against Satan'

It is well known that as a whole, religions talk about a conflict between good and evil. As the source of absolute evil, Satan garners a good deal of attention in these religions. But none of us should contend that Satan can be killed with bullets, because the struggle against him is nothing more than a moral struggle, even in the Christian faith. However the Torah [the Old Testament or sacred books of the Jews RealVideo] teaches otherwise. It is unique in the way that it describes the approach of Satan toward gentiles [non-Jews] as being different and separate from his approach toward Jews. Hollywood, the capital of American cinema, follows this line of reasoning.

Hollywood actor Arnold Schwarzenegger is capable of killing Satan with bullets. This is what he said in an interview after making the film The End of Days RealVideo: “I had to kill the Devil by spraying him with bullets to send him back to hell.”

We are then presented with a theological argument when Arnold adds: “The film is inspired by the New Testament, when in the final hours of the last century, Satan comes to Earth and rapes a woman so she will bear him a child and enable him to rule Heaven and Earth.”

And although Arnold’s claim that he is quoting the Bible is of no concern to us, since there is nothing even remotely like this in the New Testament, there is in fact something resembling this in the Torah.

Stories of the children of Satan are told in many films and novels, and Jewish writers have had a prominent role in spreading these tales. For example, there is the story Rosemary’s Baby RealVideo, by the Jewish writer Ira Levin, which later became a film directed by Jewish director Roman Polanski, who is most famous for raping young girls.

In the film, Satan has intercourse with the hero’s wife, so she will bear a child and proclaim the dawn of a so-called anti-Christian era. The reader will note the sharp similarity between the two stories, but it is more important to note what this illustrates: The chief technique used by Judaism to infiltrate the conscience of Christianity is to exaggerate concepts that have no basis in the Christian faith.

Since in the present case, Satan cannot be the same one mentioned in Christianity, whenever Satan is mentioned in any American film, this character can only be a symbol of those who the Torah names as the strangers or the gentiles. Those also include the Christians themselves, whom Arnold pretends to be protecting and which is another form of infiltration into Christianity.

So we can see here, how Christian theology is infiltrated by imaginative movie-making. And we can also see how Arnold’s film follows the Torah: first by saying that there is a message from God to be conveyed by Arnold; and second through the belief that anyone outside the paradise of the “chosen people [the Jews]” is a satanic creature that should be fought.

This creature is killed by Arnold in a spray of bullets, as a part of what is known as the war between the Children of Light and the Sons of Darkness. This is the conception that dominates the thinking of Hollywood directors, just as it does with Arnold. And pity the critic – any critic – that is displeased with this view of the cinema.

Movies that portray such ideas complete a circle, within which American movies strive to put viewers and from which it is impossible for them to escape. These ideas are like the tentacle of an octopus that is trying to hold its victim. All of this is tightly related to what is known as the ideology of Incarnated Fate, which puts Arnold and his colleagues on a divine mission, in which the battle against Satan is an important part.

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