When Fear Consumes the Mighty

It’s a grave situation when a powerful individual suffers a sense of insecurity, sees his strength withering away, feels incapable of self-defense and reacts by blindly striking out at anything and anyone. This only serves to increase the hostility felt by others against him. And such an individual often uses the power of the implied threats against him to strengthen his grip over others, in order to change the dynamics of relations so as to control them.

After the shock of the September 11 events, this is the prism through which we should observe the behavior of the United States under President Bush’s administration.

America is now experiencing a period of grave concern to human rights groups, which fear that the administration is using the feeling of being threatened to alter the long-standing social contract between the people and their government. This will limit the rights of the public, enforcing the rule of the few – the ruling elite – over the people, in an attack that will sharply curtail civil liberties. When a government uses the judiciary against democracy itself, political action tends to go underground and embrace violence, leading to an increase in extremism and vandalism in society. Governments which follow this path use the sense of fear to justify repression on the pretext of providing security, although these governments themselves create the threat.

The obvious example is what is occurring in the U.S. and other Western countries – which talk of increasing levels of domestic terrorism, telling stories of connections between Muslim elements and al-Qaeda. The most recent such episode was the arrest of a group of seven “Islamists” in the city Miami Florida. They were accused of planning terrorist attacks, including blowing up the Sears Tower [in Chicago] in a way similar to the destruction of the World Trade Center, the difference being that this operation would use explosives instead of airplanes filled with jet fuel.

The issue here – which human rights groups have had a great deal of trouble alerting the public to, even with the Internet – is that the administration is working to maintain fear and the sense of threat in order to enact laws restricting civil liberties. Practically speaking, this will alter the social contract and give free reign to the most powerful groups to perpetuate their own interests, and use others as cannon fodder in a conflict that they [the elite] created to justify their plans. Given the flaws of Muslim media and our inherent lack of knowledge about the way the media works in more open Western societies, it may be hard to understand how easy it is easy to charge, try and convict people in such an environment.

Other groups are raising frightening questions about conspiracies surrounding the World Trade Center attacks, and involving the most dominant forces in the U.S. administration. On the one hand, investigations have revealed that on September 11, 2001, exercises were scheduled to protect American strategic sites from attack using planes loaded with fuel. When air traffic controllers got news that the hijacked planes had been directed toward strategic sites [in New York and Washington], it was thought that the planes were part of that exercise, and so the military did nothing to stop them. This is whet led to the catastrophe, and there is nothing to show that the Islamist perpetrators of the attacks knew of the maneuvers, or sought to take advantage of the opportunity they presented.

But on the other hand, these groups emphasize that the destruction of the Twin Towers could not have occurred as a result of being struck by the aircraft because of the type of steel that was used to construct the buildings. This steel would have required much higher temperatures to have caused complete collapse in such a short period of time. These are facts. These groups therefore make the serious allegation that additional explosives were placed at strategic points within the building’s superstructure and were detonated at the same time the planes hit the buildings, so that the collapse of the buildings would later be perceived as a logical consequence of the aircraft hitting the towers.

In this context, these groups also note that a large number of Jews failed to go work in the World Trade Towers on that day, but they give little attention to this as they believe that to dwell upon this point weakens the main thrust of their inquiry and leaves them open to accusations of anti-Semitism.

What happened on September 11th was imaginable only in fiction or movies produced in Hollywood. But many think that fictional movies provide fertile ground for men of strategic planning to develop scenarios for the implementation of their scheme to impose their will upon others.

The important point here is that the cells of neo-conservatives and Zionist Christians that tend to control the policies of the American administration, in the context of a “New American Century ,” aim to control the world through the targeting of Islam – a new enemy after the collapse of communism. Now they have not only succeeded in creating this new enemy, they have managed to create a society of perpetual insecurity which swings blindly at everything and anything in its path.

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