The Americans Must Be Made 'to Understand'

Despite the ideas that the Americans and Israelis seek to promote in certain parts of the Muslim World, the confrontations that have unfolded in Lebanon over the past 15 days are not just between the Shiites of Hezbollah and Israel, but of the majority of the Lebanese people against the Israeli aggressor. Proof of this is the near unanimity of the major players in Lebanese politics, which have condemned in unison the Israeli aggression being defended by the United States of George W. Bush.

Whether Sunni or Shiite Muslims or Christians, whether they are on the right or the left, from General Aoun and Amine Gemayel [former president 1982-1988 to Communist Party Chief Khaled Hedada, all Lebanese are very much dedicated in resisting the Zionist invader, inflicting the maximum losses against him and driving him entirely out of the country. The combat which is taking place in the south of Lebanon is certainly being carried out by Hezbullah militia; but also by militants from the Lebanese Communist Party and members of the national resistance.

During this time, it is the duty of all governments and peoples in the Arabic World to support the Lebanese resistance in its fight to push back Israeli aggression, which Israel has managed to prolong only because the United States has vetoed every resolution intended to halt the fighting. In reality, pressure from the Arab people and their governments must be applied to the American Administration, through the expression of consistent discontent with Washington’s reflexive defense of Israel, without ever holding the world accountable for violating the most basic rights of the Arabic peoples.

Washington must be made to understand that it cannot pretend to have good relations with Arabic States and simultaneously encourage Israel in its enterprise of slaughtering the Palestinian and Lebanese peoples. Under these circumstances, government leaders in the Arab World must assume their responsibility for the grave predicament in which Lebanon and Palestine find themselves, by pleading their case to the American Administration and getting Washington to end this humiliating enterprise of attempting to bring the forces of resistance to their knees.

It is inadmissible, indeed it is shocking, to stay silent in the face of the flagrant bias of U.S. leaders who, by their unconditional support of Israel, position themselves as opponents and enemies to the vast majority of people in the region, support which is offered without halting the barbarity of Zionist soldiers who kill women, children and the elderly, and who destroy roads, installations, infrastructure, public and private buildings, hospitals and media centers.

It is essential to show the United States that there are certain lines that mustn’t be crossed, or it will risk the progressive deterioration of relations with the Arabic world, which mustn’t sacrifice the dignity of its peoples and their national interests on hypothetical commercial relations based on taking advantage of the strength of the American economy.

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