The Katyushas of Hezbullah Break the Arrogance!

The Lebanese Resistance succeeded in embarrassing the biased global system that favors America, and the Arabs who have blatantly failed to take a stand.

In the face of such a violent military machine that strikes relentlessly in every direction, and with every lethal, modern weapon and even with some that are forbidden internationally, nobody expected such legendary resistance. The enemy’s indiscriminate use of weapons is proven by the injuries of children, women and civilians which we see every day on satellite television.

The bombing of Lebanese infrastructure and civilians is meant to create discord within Lebanese society. But under fire and against all expectations, the people maintain a spirit of high morale, insisting on their refusal to accept the arrogance, persecution and indiscriminate attacks of Israel.

This is a lopsided struggle, because Israel enjoys the unlimited support of the United States. Such support cannot be compared with the capacity of a small nation that lacks even a single military aircraft. We now know that that the Resistance [Hezbullah] has badly damaged Israel with its Katyusha missiles, which have struck deep into the country, where the inhabitants have been forced into shelters, the tourists have fled and the economy has been badly damaged. And this damage to Israel is not only on Israeli territory. The military confrontation shows the ferocity of the Resistance in defending the soil of southern Lebanon. Israeli losses are high, and its warlords never imagined that the conflict would last more than a few days. The battle is now in its second week, and the Resistance is steadfastly resisting the incursions of Israel’s ground forces. As the Resistance inflicts painful losses on soldiers and their equipment, all Israel can do is reply with the aerial bombardment of helpless innocents, indiscriminately scorching the earth and all who live on it.

The problem is that America has implemented a strategy in light of its own interests and the wishes of Israel, which has plans to establish a country without borders. Iran, which is now on the threshold of joining the nuclear club, has its own strategy that we may or may not agree with.

But where is the Arab vision for confronting such schemes, which target every country of the region without exception, and not only Gaza, Lebanon or Syria? Plans against these three countries are just the beginning of an effort to break the will of the Arab people, push Arab populations toward surrender and completely abandon the Resistance. Because of its success in facing off against the “invincible” power of Israel, popular support for the resistance is now Israel’s key target.

The plan is to “take us out” one at a time. Israel places mines in the road to cause tensions and disputes to keep us squabbling over every issue which could help us protect ourselves. Israel would like us to live in a constant state of disunity and discord, where we behave like deaf people trying to have a discussion. Everyone accuses the other, making us ineffectual and unable to take a positive stand which might threaten Israel’s strategy, which is supported by the world’s only power.

What we mustn’t do is succumb to this strategy. We must take action in the U.N. Security Council, which has been an accomplice to America and still has failed to take a decision to stop the shooting and protect Lebanon from a humanitarian crisis. Why the inaction? Because America doesn’t want a cease-fire, but rather wishes to give Israel the time is needs to accomplish the goals of its military offensive. Why don’t we use all of our cards to “move” Europe and neutralize an America that has aligned itself with the aggressor and usurper, Israel?

This is no time to argue over who provoked Israel or launched the operation against her without consultation [the kidnapping, or taking prisoner of Israeli soldiers by Hezbullah, without discussing it with its allies, basically Iran, Syria and perhaps Hamas]. The important issue now is to stop the aggression, complete the ongoing struggle, and limit Israel’s excessive use of force, otherwise it will cost us dearly in the future.

We must rush to support and take advantage of the Resistance which is standing in the face of aggression. This we must do to support the peace process, the keys to which America has given entirely to Israel, moving the process forward only when it wishes, and in accordance with its own strategy.

We must improve recruitment and learn to take advantage of the window of opportunity that the Resistance provides. We mustn’t lose this chance, because the regrets we feel later will also be detrimental to our efforts!

The Arab street is boiling because of what is going on in Lebanon and Gaza. Arab governments must move quickly to prevent even more tragedy [Popular revolt].

Will we witness an Arab reunion that will restore our pride and dignity?

We sincerely hope so.


Suddenly, American State Secretary Condoleezza Rice has pushed up the date of her visit to the Middle East to tomorrow (Sunday) in order to limit the ongoing war. That is instead of next Tuesday, which was the proper time from the American point of view.

I wonder what has caused this surprise change in plans, since when this war began, American officials has assured us of the importance of giving the Israelis the widest latitude to accomplish the goals of their military operations.

It is a question that we must ponder carefully in light of the heroic Resistance, and the heavy, increasing and unexpected casualties inflicted on the Israelis. That is what is needed, if we with to protect our legitimate Arab rights.

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