American and Arab Conduct Insult Lebanese Dignity

Many Arabs who left Lebanon after the Israeli attack didn’t return to their homes in some sort of moral solidarity with the Lebanese people. Rather, they went to holiday resorts, each according to his ability. And here they are, relaxing on the beaches, pouring moisturizers and restorative creams of every kind on their skin and watching the smoke rise out of the Lebanese rubble. Arabs love Lebanon’s free and beautiful nature, but they could care less about the Lebanese themselves – who might as well go to hell if their country didn’t allow for others to rest and relax there. I am certain that many of those who are now watching their little ones play on the beaches and in the pools, didn’t for one second compare their own children to the children killed in Qana, or others from the villages and cities of Lebanon.

It is the contribution of some countries to be destroyed – in cold blood – by everyone else. It is their fate to be an arena for the settling of scores, and for foreign governments to test their capabilities and experimental projects. At times of relaxation or temporary truces, everyone fall all over themselves to declare their great love for Lebanon and the Lebanese – but they are liars.

For twenty days hell has descended onto Lebanon, brought down by Israel with its newest slaughter in Qana, showing that with these invalid Arabs, history often repeats itself. All that some Arabs had to say was little more than verbal muttering merely to express a position. As for the rest, they are even afraid to speak – merely speak.

Our American uncle and guardian runs around saying what he wants and how he wants it, without the slightest consideration of our feelings or dignity. But where are these feelings and where is that dignity? Bush and Blair met and declared that everything is now possible, except of course for a ceasefire, since the condition are not yet appropriate. Condoleezza Rice came the first time with a package of solutions, which did nothing than give the green light to Israel to commit further aggression. Then she came a second time, and the result was Qana, whose victims we are now mourning. We are filling the screens and papers with their pictures, and we fill our articles, news, and speeches with lamentations and tears on their behalf.

As all of this is going on, American ambassadors are having a wonderful time in their magnificent homes in Arab capitals, dictating to these capitals what they can and cannot say and do. Of course, when it comes to talking, these capitals do nothing more than appeal to the international community. As for acting, they are too cowardly and helpless to even think about it.

Arab states steal the natural resources of their people to buy weapons, and they continue snatching the daily bread from their citizens to so. Why? And on whose behalf? What greater humiliation can there be than this? Arab rulers filled our ears until they rang with talk of Arab unity, a shared defense and a collective destiny. But now – as is their usual routine – they are hidden away in their palaces, not even daring to whisper, their eyes fixed in the direction of Washington.

Our money is in America, our youth are in America, our ambassadors are in America, and our faith is in America. And here she is killing our children, elderly, and women, and, along with her Israeli replica, tramples on what is left of our dignity. Lebanon … God be with you.

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