'Mr. Bush … Don't Blame Islam for Your Own Failures'

I WAS not surprised by the recent remarks of U.S. President George W. Bush, when he gave a new name to Muslims: “Fascist Muslims” [actually, Islamo-fascists]. Why did he once again indulge in this provocation, continuing to give Islam the most horrible descriptions, such as terrorists and so forth? Therefore, I will now mention to the readers a few contradictions that both we and the U.S. administration are facing. When the Cold War was at its peak, it was the United States that was the behind Osama bin Laden’s battle against the Soviet Union.

They used to supply him money and weapons, until he owned U.S. Stinger missiles as well as U.S. intelligence, and so forth. Then he became the prime enemy of the U.S., and the magic turned against the magician. This also applies to Saddam Hussein. He was the ally of the West and one of its agents. During his war with Iran, which lasted for eight years, they supplied him with plans through American satellites.

The Shah of Iran was also an American ally, and they were the ones who toppled him.

[Editor’s Note: Most Americans are under the impression that the Shah was toppled by a revolt led by a radical cleric, the founder of the Iranian revolution, Ayatollah Khomeini. But most in the Muslim world believe that the United States wanted the Shah removed – and engineered his removal ].

America was behind all of this tampering with the fate of nations. The U.S. has not come to the region to serve nations but to deal with them as though they were things to experiment with. The recent crisis of the Lebanese people and the flagrant attacks by the Zionists – destroying and killing children and women – left the U.S. administration hardly moved.

Rather, the United States was the one standing in the way of the U.N. Security Council, so that there could be more destruction and killing. Where is the humanitarian and civilized face of the U.S.A. and the West? Generally speaking, why are all these “negatives” attached to Islam, while it stands innocent of all these obscenities.

Why don’t you, your Excellency the U.S. President, call the Zionist entity “fascist Jewish” or yourself a “fascist Christian?” Didn’t the U.S. object to and speak against former U.N. Secretary-General Butrus Ghali? Why? Because he denounced the 1996 Qana massacre carried out by the Jews. The U.S. is the one that uses the Security Council and the United Nations according to its interests and goals. The last such event occurred when the U.N.’s deputy secretary-general denounced the Qana massacre, and was confrontd with the same kind of attack.

Where is the justice that America and the West are speaking of? With the Lebanese people are suffering a daily crisis and the Red Cross and Red Crescent unable to provide them with the needed humanitarian assistance, why are they still prevented from using the airport?

Imagine what would happen if this situation occurred in the United States or any Western country. What would their reaction be?

Your Excellency the President, don’t blame Islam and Muslims for the failures of your administration during the recent confrontation between Israel and Hezbollah. This is not a war between Muslims and Crusaders. After all, you were one of those preaching for peace. Every day reveals the painful truth to us, and brings the feeling of being cheated when you speak of democracy and freedom.

This is the same U.S. administration which pushed aside a number of dictatorial regimes, and today says it wants to liberate Arab nations from dictatorship. I say to you, your Excellency the President, enough of your cheating, because you have been “unveiled” by the Lebanese-Israeli crisis. You and the entire West are hostages of the Zionist-Fascist regime, which would not have lasted even a few days if it were not for your support.

This is the entity that is using you according to its own interests, and the one for who’s sake you go to war. So you will have no choice but to tolerate the reactions of all others.

“Injustice is darkness.” You don’t adhere to the U.N. Charter and have failed to apply the Security Council resolutions issued against Israel. Up to this moment, you have failed to identify the “terrorism” against which you are launching so many wars. What then do you call the murdering of innocent, unarmed people? Is this terrorism nor not?

If you truly long for peace, Islam is the one that established peace and regulated this process, and it has not authorized the murder of the innocent and the unarmed people, regardless of their religion.

You know the truth but ignore it. Here I remember the words of the poet Ahmad Mater:

He stabbed me …

And claims that my blood contaminated the edge of his sword.

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