Christian Zionists Target Turkey Before Iran

ISTANBUL: Where does Iran stand in the Anglo-Saxon-Israeli alliance’s plans and offensives against the Muslim world? Conflicting comments are being made.

But almost all commentators agree that Iran has greatly benefited from the policies this alliance has pursued since the notorious September 11 events. These would include the occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq and the military offensive in Lebanon. According to some observers, the main reason for Tehran’s geopolitical windfall are its well-crafted and clever policies, and the alliance’s policy failures.

Perhaps this is true. But there is a long-ignored dimension to this issue that can only be fully comprehended if one traces events back to the scandalous arms sales during the Iran-Iraq War . At a U.N. symposium on the Palestine question in June 1988, the late Grace Halsell, author of the book Forcing God’s Hand, made the following points:

Marine Colonel Oliver North , the central figure in the Iran-Contra scandal , is a Christian-Zionist who was described by one Jewish [Israeli] general as “more Israeli than the Israelis.” The scandal, which exposed U.S. arms sales to Iran via Israel, can only be explained by understanding the belief system of the Christian Zionists. They believe that what Israel wants is what God wants. Therefore, it is perfectly acceptable to give the green light to whatever it is Israel wants and then conceal this from the American people. By anything, we must include lies, theft and even murder.

(I am of the opinion that the policies of Israel and Christian Zionism, which according to Halsell, threaten not just the lives of Palestinians and other Arabs but the very existence of the United States, targets Turkey rather than Iran, because among the major Christian-Zionist political objectives is the division of the Turkish region into smaller ethnic and sectarian political entities . Turkey and Iraq are the main targets of this policy of division.

[Editor’s Note: While Turkey and Iraq are ‘main targets’ of these plans for dividing up the Middle East, Iran is also a significant target [See Maps, above].

First of all, the Kurdish state in northern Iraq, which was created to be a second Israel, directly threatens Turkey, and will, if the Christian Zionists get their way, be expanded into Turkish territory. Second, all Muslim countries except Iran are overwhelmingly Sunni. In a sectarian-based division, Shiites and members of other sects need to be reinforced against the Sunnis. In addition, if an all-out aggression is launched against Islam and the Islamic world, Turk will inevitably be a major target because of its role in the Islamic world, its history as well as its potential.

As noted by Professor Teoman Durali at, Iran has been a relatively more appealing object of attention for the West because of its rivalry with Sunni Islam, and Iran’s racial affinity with the West. Whether Iran poses a threat to Israel is another matter that needs to be addressed.

Israel, which didn’t want Iran to be defeated in its war with Iraq, may attack Iran because of its nuclear program. But no matter what happens, Turkey remains the priority target. [Kurdistan Workers Party] terrorism is serving its [Israel’s] purpose against Turkey; Turkey could be destabilized by guerilla and psychological war operations against Islam and Turkey’s more prominent Islamic movements and communities. Turkey is entering a new period that requires of us utmost awareness and alertness.

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