Pope's 'Ignorant Words' Help Bush Smear Muslims

We aren’t the only ones angry over the Pope’s “ignorant and irresponsible” statements. The slander his lips uttered about our Islamic religion was also abhorred by the followers of Eastern Christianity. This is not surprising, since they have experienced peaceful coexistence with Muslims, and have been in direct contact with the details of true Islam, something unknown to followers of Western Christianity.

[Editor’s Note: During a speech in Germany on faith and reason, Pope Benedict XVI quoted a 14th century Byzantine emperor, and said in part, “Show me just what Muhammad brought that was new, and there you will find things only evil and inhuman, such as his command to spread by the sword the faith he preached ].

It is interesting that Western newspapers also denounced the platitudes of the Catholic Pope. Some even worked to exaggerate the Papal mistake, to the point that one might suspect that behind these writers’ pens were the intentions and involvement of real Muslims. But is this for real?

When we know that some of those Western newspapers exaggerated the seriousness of the Pope’s declarations, even though they are owned by Zionist Jews, including The New York Times, then we must conclude that they have something up their sleeves!

Some writers “threw fuel on the fire” by pretending to be true defenders of Islam. They appear to be defending the truth of Islam, but for the real truth … look to the politics!

The lies of the Pope have done Bush a service that can’t be underestimated!

The ignorant words of the Pope support the War Against Terrorism. His was an attempt to show the world that Muslims are “evil and violent” and worthy of prosecution, confirming Bush’s assertions about “fascists” and “terrorists.”

All we can hope for now is that our Muslim brothers in every corner of the world keep in mind, as the come to grips with these disasters that are now being showered on our Islamic religion from all directions, is that they abide by reason and avoid violence and angry reaction. Ours is a religion of dialogue. Given the West’s ignorance of these facts and of reality – we should give them a lesson about the essence of Islam, and call for the entire world to respect our religion and establish laws to protect it and its Prophet from attacks from the hateful and the ignorant.

Now we come to the role of those with knowledge, our scholars. This is the great battle for which Allah gave them knowledge to wage. How I wish to see the most experienced Islamic scholars in the world hold a religious roundtable with the leaders of Western Christianity, and to have it broadcast live on every satellite channel and in every language.

Let us take advantage of the month of Ramadan and make of it an intensive and deliberate media opportunity to breathe in the spirit of our great religion, which through the word and not the sword has invaded the hearts and minds of people.

Rather than the platitudes and show business nonsense that usually regales us during the Holy month of fasting, let us fill our Arab satellite channels with good programs. A month of worship, the Quran and escape from the fires! [of hell].

We ask Almighty Allah to give victory to Islam and the Muslims, and that he strike back at their enemies by creating strife among them.

We ask the magnificent Allah that he gives victory to Islam and the Muslims and that he strike back at their enemies by creating strife among them … May you all have a safe and beneficial Ramadan.

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