'Smashing the Head' of the Viper Saddam

There once was a story about a farmer who raised chicks, hoping they would grow into chickens so that he could make a good profit off of them and buy seeds for planting. But every morning he was taken by surprise when some of the chicks began to disappear!!

He examined the chicken coop carefully, thinking that perhaps there was a hole hidden somewhere that a cat was using to come in and steal his chicks … but there was no hole. He threw up his hands in confusion, and things went on this way for several days. Every morning when the sun rose and spread its rays, the farmer awoke to find more of his chicks missing!!

The farmer’s friend suggested he visit an old wise woman who might be able to help him find a solution. Anxious and in despair, the farmer decided to follow his friends advice. When he told the old wise woman his problem, she smiled and told him, “When night falls, light a candle in the chicken coop and stay hidden nearby. Watch what happens until morning, and then you can sleep.” The farmer did exactly as the old wise woman instructed. Late that night he found himself struggling to stay awake when all of a sudden he heard a noise, as if something were crawling in the grass near the chicken coop!! He listened closely and watched the inside of the coop. Suddenly he saw a terrifying black viper slip through the fence of the chicken coop. It devoured one chick and swallowed it … then another … and another … until it had its fill. Then it left the way it had come in.

There was nothing for the farmer to do but grab his hoe and hit the snake on its back, cutting it in half. He thought it was dead … he felt reassured, relaxed.

But a few days later, he found that his chicks were disappearing again – and faster than before. At night, he lit another candle and watched the chicken coop. He again saw the viper, but this time just its head and what was left of its body – attack the chicks and devour several of them. When it slithered from the coop the farmer stepped on its back and smashed its head with all of his strength. It died immediately, thus ending the farmer’s problem.

Saddam is the head of the snake. If he is executed, then the terrorizing groups of Baath devils and their agents the Wahhabis, will be destroyed. The body of the snake will die only after its head has been crushed … and we will see those two ancient Baathists, Khalaf al-Alyan and Abu al-Sadaara Adnaan al-Dulaimi, who are rotten to the core with sectarianism, become even more frightened than chicks.

[Editor’s Note: Khalaf al-Alyan is chairman of the (Sunni) National Dialogue Council (NDC), which has threatened civil war if matters do not ‘return to normal’ and Sunnis aren’t given back their elections rights. He believes the Shiites stole the last elections.

Abu al-Sadaara Adnaan al-Dulaimi leads the (Sunni) Iraqi People’s Conference, which is allied with the National Dialogue Council. The author believes both men they are Baathist separatists].

The car combings will slowly disappear and the number of innocent victims will fall. For now, the people have their hands on the necks of the criminal Baathists and are delivering them to the place that heavenly justice awaits them – for crimes that even the most violent criminals of the ages dared not commit.

Our government will cast off the heavy shackles from our homeland. Electricity will return, the lights will come on, the construction will begin and the hearts that Saddam and his devils filled with sadness will be filled with joy. We exiles will return to our families and to our people to live out our lives among them.

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