When America Sends Iran's Leaders to 'Hell,' They Will Not Go Alone!

Even now, the Iranian leadership has failed to recognize that the international community is the United States. It has also failed to reckon with the fact that international organizations like the United Nations are the United States, and that the air above Iran, the desert and the ocean is also the United States. That is the bitter realty that we all dislike. History has never witnessed a giant with the size and rate of growth of the nightmare called the United States. Some people even doubt that this great civilization will ever collapse, which is almost contrary with the historic law that when they become decrepit, civilizations die.

Up to now, Iran continues in her old delusion. It will not come out of this delusion until it is shocked by a crisis of military intervention, which will force Iran to surrender what is far more valuable than any concession. While Iran remains under a pall of hollow arrogance, the military, political and civic institutions in America and Israel are working day and night, waiting for just the right moment to land a knockout blow to the Iranian regime, which America describes as the core of the “Axis of Evil!” Planning for a military attack is apparently in the final stages, and when it comes, it will be so sudden and devestating that American forces (or American forces in the guise of Israeli forces) will destroy all of the miniscule nuclear capabilities upon which Iran has gambled her entire future and national security.

Why does the Iranian government refuse to acknowledge that it confronts the most ferocious power ever known to man, and that dealing with this power wisely and cautiously is a sacred religious duty? Why doesn’t Tehran acknowledge that the results of challenging this power would be catastrophic for their Islamic empire? This is of great concern to us, because Iran’s security is central to the security of this entire region, which is mined with hatred, greed and political stupidity. Why doesn’t the Iranian leadership seek to live in peace, and forswear the tension that it causes by supporting Hezbullah and Hamas, or when it threatens the Arab Gulf countries, or when it interferes in Iraq by planting the seeds of discord between Sunnis and Shiites there?

Iran has closed its eyes and is headed toward the abyss. It will continue in its road which is mined with bombs until it explodes, along with the ambitions of all of those who seek peace. Iran, if you decide to go to hell, you can be assured that you will not go there alone!

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