Before the U.S. Destroys the World

During his eight day journey throughout the Middle East, Bush continued his sowing of violence, war, tensions, and instability in the already agitated Arab-Persian region; “a king’s present”, as it was called by Commander in Chief Fidel (Castro) in his latest reflections.

The main objective of this visit so early in the year was to line up Arab countries against Iran, whom he accused of being the principal sponsor of State terrorism in the world, promoter of instability and violence in Lebanon and Iraq; he attributed to it plans to develop nuclear weapons and called it the financer of the Taleban.

Many analysts ask, “Did he achieve his goals”? Joining the Arab countries so that together with the US and Israel, they proceed to contain Iran is not quite feasible; first, because they do not consider Iran more dangerous than Israel, and second because the anti-american sentiment predominant in the region cannot be ignored.

But the White House tenant arrived loaded with weapons as gifts and a total ignorance of Islam, of the Arab World and of the Middle East and launched his divisive campaign, describing the Iranian problem as a case of national security.

Fidel Castro commented: “The empire chief brings as presents this time tens of thousands of millions of dollars for the Arab countries to buy weapons that originate in US industrial military complex, but twice as much to arm the Israeli state, where, the agency of the UN that deals with this subject affirms, 3.5 million Palestinians have been deprived of their rights or expelled from that territory.

And commenting on the contradictions to which the world has been led, he added: “It seems unreal to see Bush the conqueror of raw materials and sources of energy from other countries, imposing warring plans on the world while being uninterested in how many hundreds of thousands or millions of people will die and how many clandestine jails and torture centers must be created in order to reach his objectives”.

The Commander’s message contains an urgent appeal: “Not until we become fully aware of these realities, can an effort be made to ‘prevent in time’, as Marti would say, the growth of the empire which he saw growing since he lived inside it, and its destruction of the destiny of humanity”.

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