Deaths of Iraqi Scientists Part of U.S. Battle Plan

Since time immemorial, Iraq has been home to scientists and the quest for knowledge. The thing that makes the country of the two rivers such a natural gathering place for geographers, historians, authors and scientists is its fertile valleys, food and a civilization that dates back to 7000 years BC. It is a country that is rich with glory and heroism that spans the civilizations of Babylon, Sumer, Assyria, Acadia and the City of Ur (Abraham). Indeed, the deeds of the Islamic Caliphate spanned the entire region, encompassing Kufa, Baghdad and Samara.

The wretched conditions that Iraqi scientists and scholars endure is no secret to anyone in this world. Whether in universities or their own homes among family members, it has become part of their lives to be followed or pursued.

Today we are living through a period of American and Zionist occupation in Iraq. Under the feigned democracy of Bush the criminal, the Iraqi people are dying without justification, having their values disrespected, their homes destroyed and their children killed by bombs. And with such mass killing, one also kills knowledge and culture.

These are the Iraqi scientists who once preoccupied the world with their work, who once filled homes with knowledge and culture, and once helped all arrive at a higher level of knowledge, with enlightened thought in regard to technology and the social sciences.

Throughout the four corners of the world, Iraq was the center of science. Even Europe and America witnessed the usefulness of Iraqi science and its pursuit of knowledge. This was true at research institutes in all fields of scientific endeavor, including nuclear energy, engineering, agriculture and others.

By the grace of its science-minded sons, Iraq was the Arab country that was built on the pursuit of science, which is how it erected a science-based human civilization which radiated out across the world. Unfortunately today, we see those scientists being killed and displaced to other parts of the Arab world and to foreign countries. So who is responsible for these terrible conditions that have murdered science and the scientist?

We know that the Israeli Mossad [secret service] is afraid of Iraq and her scientists, which is what the criminal Sharon [former Israeli leader] said, “In Iraq, some of the new scientists are fighting Israel.” Now by virtue of the American occupation, this is what has become of Baghdad – it is now the home of Zionists and a place for death squads that kill human beings and their buildings.

The appearance of the death squad, which has stepped on the heads of all Iraqi scientists and which have been formed by those who entered Iraq after the occupation, know nothing of science and put little value on Iraq’s scientists. Every day they kill dozens of scientists.

America and Britain created this environment in Iraq, which is now empty of science, knowledge and industrial capability, so that they could control the people, their thoughts and their scientific pursuits.

The mafias and gangs that entered Iraq after the war are thirsty for the blood of scientists and university professors. They want to destroy Ira’s civilizational and scientific infrastructure.

It seems that Arabs maintain a deplorable position when it comes to the fate of Iraq’s scientists; which is not to stand against the killing, forced migration and oppression of Iraq’s people.

It is time we demand that our Arab brothers embrace Iraq’s scientists and thinkers and protect them from oppression, death, and from being forced into refugee status. We also need to invite the world community to punish all who facilitate the killing of Iraq’s scientists, who have spent their lives for the sake of science, knowledge, and humanity.

From the ocean (i.e. Morocco) to the Gulf (i.e. all areas of the Arab world) all of our Arab brothers need to cry out. And in the universities, institutes and scientific centers, may God help Iraq’s scientists.

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