Tehran Seeks to Regain the Dead Shah's Mantle

WITH Tehran standing by to inherit Iraq from the United States, its armed forces claim to have complete control over the Gulf region and Arabian Sea. Tehran has even rejected any attempt to name the Gulf anything other than the “Persian Gulf.” [Arabs call it the Arabian Gulf].

Tehran also claims any attempt to challenge its control will fail and has demanded that all countries located on the shores of the Gulf form a military alliance against, “the occupation forces,” to ensure the security of the region.

By this pronouncement, Iran has revealed its aggressive ambition to dominate the region, from the Mediterranean to the southern shores of the Arabian Sea. In the past, Iran relegated its aggressiveness to highlighting its aggressiveness by delivering fiery speeches about fighting Israel, liberating Jerusalem and playing with the emotions of Arabs and Muslims in the name of jihad. So it goes without saying that in the mind of Tehran, it is it which will lead this so-called jihad.

The aim of these arrogant pronouncements is to deliver a message to the United States: Comply with our wishes or be prepared for endless insecurity and instability in the region. Iran’s arrogance is as obvious as its determination to continue with its nuclear program. The killing of thousands of innocent Iraqis and the poisoning of Lebanon’s political atmosphere also expose Tehran’s high-handedness. Because of its prideful attitude, Iran has the audacity to support Hamas in Palestine and in Lebanon, Hezbullah and the terrorist activities of the Syrian intelligence.

Iran considers this an effective strategy for dealing with the international community, especially in regard to its nuclear program. There was a time when the international community designated the Shah of Iran “policeman” of the Gulf. Now Tehran is trying to reclaim this role through the strength of its nuclear program.

It’s clear that the economic problems of the Iranian regime have it in a bind. As the dreams of the nation’s 200-million strong Shiites have yet to materialize, the regime has no alternative but to export terrorism to neighboring states. But the people of Iran will soon awake to understand their real circumstances. They will realize that Tehran’s dream of controlling the region and dominating the Gulf are just illusions.

The Iranian regime had better awaken from its dream and realize that it can’t control the region, because those whose hearts are black will never be permitted to play a leading global role.

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