The Relationship between American Peacekeeping and Terrorism


What makes a great country like the United States of America unable to define the term “terrorism”?

Better yet, what makes the U.S. react to terrorism without moving a single step toward understanding the provocations for terroristic actions, all the while forging international laws to justify the use of armed violence, depriving people of the world through its double standards on the basic human right to defend one’s own land, honor and dignity? There is no doubt that the world has been silent regarding the crude injustice of America’s use of the term “terrorism.” The U.S. threatens human civilization with the most heinous programs and imperial, counterfeit moral values. The policies of the U.S. not only distort justice and international law, but break the will of the human mind itself. The moral factor still presents an obstacle for the U.S. in determining the substantive issues of terrorism and counterterrorism, hence the involvement of some regimes in counterterrorism missions before America’s skittish and deceiving operations. These missions only exacerbate new problems in the social fabric. The question remains: If in its encyclopedia of foreign relations the U.S. considers terrorism to be any violence used by a state or nonstate to achieve limited political objectives, what does it mean to single out Arabs when the American state itself sponsors such “terrorism” in the occupation of Palestine and Iraq?

Ironically, the CIA defines terrorism as the weakening of the international system and implies that this definition should justify any American military action, including the occupation of any country under the banner of its anti-terrorism laws. If the West defines “terrorism” as the threat of violence to cause unusual anxiety for political purposes, then the U.S. administration embodies this ideology by using threats, intimidation and terror to provoke horror throughout every state, nation, culture and religion that does not respond to America’s globalization ambitions. Thus, America uses its definition as a bomb to eliminate the international legal norms and to abolish morals, principles of nonaggression in international relations, principles of noninterference in the internal affairs of nations and principles of the sovereignty of individual states. Will the world pay attention to America’s power at this moment, when it has itself solidified into the most dangerous, dictatorial example of terrorism, threatening the death of the United Nations and the end of international law? The U.S. president [George Bush] provoked anger throughout the world when he said: “Either you are with us, or you are with the terrorists.” It was the U.S. president who succeeded in misleading the world, not some Islamic extremist movement, which had been oblivious to the concept of “terrorism.” History will reveal the scandalous proof linking Islamic terrorism with America’s own machinations. We have already seen the State Department incite sectarian strife and support oppositional forces. We have also witnessed the State Department’s blatant interference in the internal affairs of their targeted state in order to create chaos. The U.S. administration has forged tools to inflict political terrorism that condemn the Islamic world. Under their misleading definition of terrorism, the U.S. seeks to impose full control over our people, our nations and our cultural renaissance.

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